Our love for chocolate comes second only to our love of nature. And there is no more complex and pressing issue facing our planet than that of climate change and the systemic threats facing our planet’s biodiversity, both on land and in the oceans. 

We are privileged to produce our chocolate in a country of incredible diversity, a vast archipelago stretching over 5,000 km. Thousands of islands home to some of the most beautiful, rare and iconic species and ecosystems known to humankind. 

Our conservation ethos is embodied in our products. Ethically sourced ingredients of the highest quality, sourced locally wherever possible and totally sustainable. Our sourcing supports communities and where possible integrates with initiatives helping communities prosper in harmony with the environment. 

This is one of the ways in which Pod aims to support broader conservation initiatives. By providing communities living in and around high conservation value areas with opportunities, we can have a greater effect in those communities engaging in conservation initiatives. 

As we grow (we’re only three years old!) and with your support, we hope to focus this initiative into select projects in Indonesia and gradually increase the capacity for Pod to play a greater role in educating and supporting conservation initiatives throughout Indonesia.  

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